Is the Kinect haunted?



The Kinect for the Xbox One is gaming peripheral with facial recognition, motion tracking, voice command and other interesting features…including the ability to perceive the paranormal. There have been strange reports of glitches while using Kinect that vary from games being played when no person is there, to unusual orbs being picked up by the infra red sensor. Could these be coincidental or has Microsoft accidentally been selling people high tech ghost detectors? Thanks to the Kinects biometric scanning, it knows when someone enters and leaves the room and also remembers the persons face and voice. So if its trained to tell the difference between a living breathing human and a broom handle with a Halloween mask pulled down over the top of it. Then how is it making the mistake of labelling the air next to you as a second player? Is it possible that spirits really do reside in your living room and because you lack the broader visual spectrum the kinect processes you simply can’t see them? There could be a much simpler answer to this harrowing question but until it presents itself I leave you with the link to a blog where some of the kinect ghost encounters have been documented whether hoaxes or for real.





With both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 hitting shelves in time for the holiday season I’ve been asking myself, which machine will win the console war. They both look impressive, the Playstation sporting a sleek design and being tidy size for what it’s capable of. While the Xbox on the other hand gives off the image of an enormous power hungry brick. But does bigger equal better? Taking price and the publicity generated around each gaming machine into account, the Playstion 4 may well have a distinct advantage. It was well received upon the reveal event and is €100 cheaper. The Xbox One seems to be at the opposite end of the spectrum as it was received so poorly that many of its new features were either tweaked or removed completely not to mention the compulsory Kinect motion sensor that’s included which drives up the price.

In the previous console generation the Xbox 360 took an obvious lead in sales for the first 2 years with the Playstation 3 slowly picking up the slack for the rest of its life cycle. This time both have been released at roughly the same time and at similar prices. It will be interesting to see who can come out on top in a fair fight. My prediction is that the cheaper PS4 will dominate in sales for its first year but if and when a Kinectless Xbox is released down the line then it may begin catching up. The deciding factor though may just come down to the games themselves. Whatever the case, this console war’s only begun and come next year it’s anyone’s game.

Roosterteeth breaks Extra Life record


Extra Life

This year November 3rd marked both daylight savings in America and also the Extra Life charity event. At this time many big names in gaming live-streamed to the internet what games they were playing for 25 hours straight! All the while accepting donations from those watching the stream. At the head of the pack Roosterteeth, an Austin Texas based entertainment company raised over 343,000 dollars for their charity of choice the Dell Children’s Hospital in central Texas. Throughout the event was the victim of cyber attacks and there were problems donating during 4 different periods of the day, one of which lasted more than 3 hours. Luckily was still able raise money during downtime thanks to the online sale of posters on their own website. Expecting to sell up to 2,000 posters for 10 dollars each, they were overwhelmed when 15,000 orders were placed.

This event has shown the power of having a great community behind you. Extra Life has raised 3.8 million for children’s hospitals so far. Roosterteeth will be presenting the novelty sized cheque to Dell Children’s Medical Center at the Domain Microsoft Store in Austin on the 21st at 10pm. They will also be there to be with the fans that supported them and will all be collecting the soon to be released Xbox One. To learn more about Roosterteeth or Extra Life you can click the links above or search for their Youtube channels.

TWD season 4

The Walking Dead continues to shamble forwards on to televisions this year for its fourth season. As a long time fan of the television series I am filled with both feelings of delight and anxiousness as the surviving cast of characters return and a fresh host of dangers begins to plague the people I’ve come to care about. Every Friday at 10pm on FOX for Sky subscribers Season 4 of The Walking Dead will be showing. While not as dizzyingly popular as other TV programmes in Ireland, in the US it repeatedly breaks the world record for most watched cable show. Which makes me feel privileged to have been with it from the beginning…Halloween night 2010.

Although I don’t strongly recommend it, an app for The Walking Dead called “The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself was made for IOS. Apparently receiving very positive reviews and being highly downloaded.

‘App’solutely unfair

If you find yourself to be the owner of a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 you may be interested in the free companion app available on Apple devices right now. If you own an android then your out of luck though. Much to my disdain it has been 5 weeks today since the app was released and still there is no sign of the android version or any other version besides the one released for Apple devices. It has begun to start an uproar with some people even going as far as to start online petitions for the other versions to be made available. A quick visit to Rockstar’s site only yields the message “Coming soon for Android”. If you are interested and do have the holy grail of phones or want to join the cause for those being penalised for owning the wrong device, links can be found here.

Games, television, hobbies and occasionally obscure facts will be appearing here.

Games, television, hobbies and occasionally obscure facts will be appearing here.

Jamie Downes here, as required for my course I will be posting twice a week in my chosen topics. So to start I have 100% in Grand Theft Auto 5. I cried for the Breaking Bad finale. I used to cut,paint and glue plastic figurines. The horse-shoe crabs blood is copper based and makes it immune to cancer.